AKC Canine Clubs-Community Dogs


AKC Education has recently launched AKC Canine Clubs-Community Dogs!  This after-school program was adapted with permission from the research and work of Camden Olson of Princeton University.  It is designed for students in grades 6-12 and can be addressed for students with socio-emotional trouble or those who have trouble paying attention in class.  It can be hosted by a teacher or group leader in any school or youth organization that is knowledgeable in dog training.  The goal of the club is for children to learn about dog training and behavior, through fun and educational curriculum conducted in forty-five-minute sessions over the course of ten weeks.

To learn more detailed information about this new club and to access lesson plans and resources, please visit the AKC Canine Clubs-Community Dogs website, HERE!  You can also register your Canine Club to receive important updates, resources, and support, as well as read more about Camden Olson.

If you have any questions, please email publiced@akc.org.