Check Out Our New Lesson Plans!

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We have posted five new lesson plans below to use in your classrooms:

K-2 English Language Arts: Word Syllables with Dog Breeds

3-5 Science: The Environment and Dog Traits

3-5 Social Studies: Dog Identification Tags to Microchips

6-8 English Language Arts: Dogs in Poetry

9-12 English Language Arts: Research Writing Project: Canine Exercise

Grades K-2 Teachers, are you looking for a hands-on, interactive ELA lesson?  Give our Word Syllables with Dog Breeds lesson a try!  Students will not only learn how to segment words into syllables, but will also learn the names of several popular dog breeds.

We would love to see our lessons in action!  Send us lesson photos for a chance to win an Amazon Gift Card for your classroom.  Find specific details here!