Learn About Purebred Dogs Through The AKC Puppy Pack!


National Purebred Dog Day is quickly approaching on May 1st!  What better way to celebrate and learn about purebred dogs then to follow the AKC Puppy Pack, which you can find on the American Kennel Club Instagram account (@americankennelclub).  This program features the first year of seven different puppies’ lives.  It includes educational content, photos, and videos of the puppies as they visit the veterinarian, participate in training, sports & events, and other daily activities.  The AKC Puppy Pack members are:

Russell Terrier, Smidge
English Setter, Hazel
Ibizan Hound, Gideon
French Bulldog, Marzipan
Bernese Mountain Dog, Nymeria
Australian Shepherd, Ryder
Shih Tzu, Stryker

Read more about the AKC Puppy Pack, here!