Children can participate in dog shows, too!

AKC National Championship 2016

Children are our biggest investment when it comes to shaping the future for dog sports and responsible dog ownership.  Not only can adults participate, but children or juniors can too!  Visit AKC’s Junior Resources web page HERE to learn more about how children can get involved in the sport.  You will find detailed information about Junior Showmanship, Training, Events, Programs, Resources, and much more!

Meet three outstanding juniors in this heartwarming AKC article that you must read, HERE!

New Lesson Plans Available

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Attention all teachers!  We have posted four new lesson plans below to use in your classrooms:

K-2 Social Studies: Balto the Sled Dog

3-5 Math: Measure and Estimate the Liquid Volume of Water

6-8 Math: Drawing a Dog Face with Geometric Shapes and Lines

9-12 Science: Group Behavior

If you are looking for an interactive, hands-on Math lesson for grades 6-8, Drawing a Dog Face with Geometric Shapes and Lines is great!  It incorporates geometry, art, dogs, and technology all in one lesson.  We would love to see this lesson in action!  Send us lesson photos for a chance to win an Amazon Gift Card for your classroom.  Find specific details here!


The Results Are In!

My puppy keeps me company

On March 20, 2019, American Kennel Club released the Most Popular Dog Breeds of 2018, ranked by registration.  For a record 28th year, the Labrador Retriever has remained in the country’s Top Ten most popular breeds, while the German Shorthaired Pointer continues to make its climb up to the top.   

Check out the full list of AKC’s Most Popular Dog Breeds of 2018 (2019) here.  Find another informative article about the rankings, the Labrador Retriever,  and “Other Movers and Shakers” here!

Promoting Reading Engagement Through Our New AKC B.A.R.K Program (Be A Reading Kid)

Tales for tails: exceptional family members read for exceptional pooches

In honor of Read Across America Day on March 2, we have launched our AKC B.A.R.K Program (Be A Reading Kid).  What better time to share our love of reading and dogs through this new and exciting reading program for children of all ages!  This program aims to encourage children to read, specifically with a dog.  Children can read to their own dog or locate a dog in their area through an online database.  This is a great opportunity for children to feel more comfortable around dogs and form a special canine bond.  How does the program work?

  • Participants read a book of their choosing to a dog.
  • Parents submit the number of hours read, along with any other required information.
  • AKC Public Education tracks the information and provides incentives to participants to recognize them for hours read.

We would love to grow our blog readers, so please share this blog post with your network.  Be sure to check back for updates about the AKC B.A.R.K Program!

Introducing New Lesson Plans for Teachers

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Happy Monday to our AKC Public Education Blog Followers!  We thank you for your continued support of our blog.  We appreciate you!

We have recently added FOUR new lesson plans to our Educator Resources page:

K-2: Heredity of Dogs and Plants

3-5: Opinion Writing: Let’s Get a Dog!

6-8: Famous Dog Breeds in Television and Movies

9-12: Mathematical Modeling with Dog Food Brands

Our lessons are created by educators, standards-based, and revolve around dogs!  We encourage teachers to utilize the lessons and share their experiences teaching them in their classrooms.  Teachers can then enter for a chance to win a $100 Amazon Gift card, here!  Please reach out to us with any questions at

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AKC Public Education Takes on Social Media

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Please help us welcome our new Facebook page! We are very excited to now offer a place where we can continue to share all of our upcoming programs and events! We are also excited to have a place where we can create discussions with our followers and can continue our public outreach.

How do you follow our fabulous page?
1. Go to Facebook and search for the American Kennel Club’s main page
2. Locate the “Groups” section on the left hand side of the page
3. Locate the “Learn about Dogs with AKC Education” and click join group!

We hope to see you there!

Lesson Plans for Teachers

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Good Morning!

First I would like to introduce myself, My name is Meredith Saraceno and I am the new Public Education Manager. I have worked at the AKC for 4 years and have been in the Education department for 2 years. I am excited to be part of the wonderful programs we currently have as well as creating new ones too!

I wanted to take the time in this post to highlight our Lesson Plans which are located on our website at: . If you know of a teacher in your area, or are a teacher yourself, these are great lessons to use in your classroom. They are all aligned to national standards and are all about dogs! We have three brand new lessons to share and they are updated monthly, so be sure to check back.

K-2 Math: Learning Subtraction through Hardworking Puppies
6-8 Science: Learning about Energy through Canine Sports
9-12 Social Studies: Digging Deep into the History of Guide Dogs

Of course there is a bonus to using these lessons in the classroom. If you or a teacher you know, teaches one of our lessons in their classroom, they can be entered to win an Amazon Gift card! Check out the official rules here:

Be sure to check back on this blog for more fun updates from the AKC Public Education Team!

Helping Teachers


Most people have been lucky enough to have had many great teachers. Many remember their teachers well into their adult years and some credit their teachers for their success in their higher education and careers.

American Kennel Club values teachers and the contribution they make to the lives of children all over the country.

Three teachers will win a $100 Amazon gift card! To participate, teachers must utilize a lesson plan from the AKC’s Educator Resources page found here and email a photo (or photos) of themselves teaching students engaged in the lesson plan to

Participants must enter by November 9, 2018. To find out more about this contest, click here.

If you know a teacher that could use a $100 Amazon gift card in their classroom, please share this with them. AKC Public Education will continue to work hard to engage, facilitate, and convey to the general public the ongoing importance of the relationships between people and canines through education and outreach. We appreciate all of the teachers that partner with us!